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Create Your Dream Garden With The Help Of A Tree Surgeon

May 11, 2015

Green spaces in urban areas are very hard to come by so if you are the lucky owner of a small garden you should care for it. What this means is that you should plant as many green things as the space and soil allows you to and keep them in good shape. It’s said that every person should plant a tree during his or her life, however there’s nothing specified about doing it with your own hands. So when working on a dream garden you might want to consider enlisting the help of a tree surgeon Hertfordshire – professionals at Fircroft Tree Surgery Ltd. can help with this.

How a tree surgeon can help with the garden

First of all depending on where you’re living you might need authorizations to plant trees and other greenery. The same goes if there is something in that place and you want to remove it. The next step is removing whatever stumps or roots are already there. Deadwood can get in the way and is rather difficult to remove so it is better to leave it to the professionals who have the correct tools.

Next comes the planting which is not quite as simple. First the soil is analyzed and the holes are dug, then the correct saplings are planted. This is all at first however green bits require continuous maintenance, either if it’s the corona of a tree or the hedge. Most small hedges can be worked on by anyone however larger ones are better left to the professionals, just like tree coronas. These are but a few ways a tree surgeon Hertfordshire can help you with your garden.

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