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Learn The Different Types Of Screen Doors To Select The Right Model

December 15, 2016

Security screen doors are now seen to be extensively used in residential spaces. Some use it for the ornamental value and others to protect their home from bugs or strangers. Depending on the purpose of use, different types of screen doors are available in the market. Understanding of each of these doors would help you make an efficient purchase.

Types of security screen door

Most of the commonly available wooden screen door kit that you get in the market comprises of three basic types of doors such as gliding, retractable insect screens and hinged doors. Not just to keep the bugs away from the house, these doors offer a variety of different functions.

Types of screen doors:

Hinged insect screens

Wooden screen door kit has become an essential infrastructure in the house. One of the basic types of door available in this kit is hinged insect door. These types of doors attach to the frame of the door by using 3-part hinges that comprise of an upper leaf, a lower leaf and a pin.

They can be used both on hinged doors or gliding patio doors that provide a swing movement into the home. The dampener present at the top and below of the screen allows slow and easy closing of the door.

Gliding insect screens

These screens are seen mostly installed on gliding patio doors. They have a bottom and top track with rollers present at the bottom. These rollers are designed in a way to allow easy adjustment as per the user’s requirement.

Pivoting screen door

If the screen door has got a stylish slant, then you are required to use specialized hardware to install the door on a pivoting hinge. When selecting the hinge, ensure that it can easily work the weight of the door.

Retractable screens

These types of doors are the recent innovation in the screen doors. To save space, these doors easily roll up into a shape of a canister on one of its sides. When this door is extended, it gets attached to a hook or a powerful magnet.

This keeps the door in the closed state. The tension setting done in the canister regulates the way the screening material is stored in the coil.

If the door is an out-swinging one, these screens are installed in the interior of the home. If the door is a gliding one or of in-swinging type then the screen is installed on the exterior of the door. Retractable insect screen also comes with a long mesh that is most suitable for double hinged doors.

As a security screen door is an expensive investment, you should do a thorough research and get at least three quotations before making a final purchase decision.