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Everything You Need To Know About Party Wall Surveys – Learn Some Facts

June 12, 2017

If you are planning to construct a wall or a building near your neighbourhood, then you will require a party wall agreement. This agreement is basically an official document which states all the responsibilities of each party involved in the maintenance of the construction. For this, the surveys are carried out by the surveyors to inspect the area completely so that all the parties can get equal ownership rights.

The surveyor will also help in resolving the disputes raised by either of the property owners. In this article, we will be discussing some facts about the party wall inspections or surveys.

What is the survey all about? – Learn about the procedure

In order to make sure that no pipes will be harmed during the construction, the drainage party wall survey is performed by the professionals. In this, the drainage system of the property is studied well and then a plan for construction is carried out. Here are some more facts about the procedure –

  • A notice will be sent to all the property owners, who share that area in which construction is about to begin. The owners are given 14 days to accept or raise a dispute.
  • Once all the parties have given their consent, everyone is called to discuss the ownership rights for the area.
  • Soon, the maintenance responsibilities are also discussed and finally, the construction will begin.

If any of the party raises a dispute, this means that they are demanding a party wall award. This will not stop the party wall survey. The dispute can be resolved with the assistance of the surveyor.